Sally Fox, 20, SYDNEY

أعطيت لك هذه الحياة لأنك قوية بما يكفي للعيش عليه


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Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do! Anyone can buy fashion, but not everyone can have style...
I am only one in millions of people facing today and dosnt know what tomorrow brings.. Realizing ignorance is bliss.... Give's me something to live for.
A wonderful thing happened to me when I reflected back on my year.. this day came- because finally I understood! No longer recognize myself when i walk past windows or mirrors. Which leaves me to question; who am I? I believe someday i will find the answer, probably the day i die & between now and then i'm going to try reallllll hard just too keep my shit together, dream to big and dance my heart out! All good things are wiiiiild and freeeeeee. People think they understand, but they actually have no clue.

Avec Wonder à vos pieds, la vie est complète Xx.
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